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Loon photographs by Nancy Patstone
Click here to see a video created, July 2011, of Our Loon Family. A total of 5 loons swimming in Sunset Cove on West Pond posted to YouTube.
Loon Watch
April 15, 2013: Mondy night the loons returned to the pond singing as they flew over.

April 16, 2011: The loons returned to the pond this Saturday morning.

April 21, 2007: The loons returned just after ice-out.

March 29, 2006: The loons returned just a day after ice-out. July: Early July, they are the proud parents of two loon chicks.

In late July a rogue loon was reported by several pond residents. The large stature and brazen behavior made this individual stand out noticable.

Around this same time, Becky Riley noted an unusually large loon approach her dock and fish the swim area, turning over rocks with its beak, looking for crayfish within 10 feet of her and her niece. This fearlessness to allow humans to get so close, as to observe their fishing technique is a behavior "our" loons were never noted for.

At the end of July, Dennis Spinney observed this rouge loon attack and drown one loon chick in the cove by the dam. The other chick has not been sighted since, so is fair to assume the second chick to be lost to predation as well.

Later, Dennis observed the aggrieved parents harass and chase the rouge loon the length of the pond several times over a period of hours.

Keith, who was staying at the camp on Lily Bay, said he and his son found a large dead loon mid-way on the South shoreline on or about Saturday Aug 5, it was "the biggest loon they had ever seen." It may be that this was the rogue loon that the parents chased down to exhaustion.

It seems that rogue loons present at least as much of a threat to loon chicks as snapping turtles, such is the way of nature, they will try again next year.

On Sunday, August 6, four loons were observed swimming and fishing communally, it is not known if any of them were "our" loons.

April 2003: The loons returned just after ice-out.

They are the proud parents of two baby loons that arrived sometime around July 4th weekend.

It is the end of July and all is well, the chicks are feeding and growing quickly.

April 13, 2002: They are back!

On July 8th there were sightings of two chicks with the adult male and female as you can see in the photo above.

There has only been one chick in recent sightings, he/she is growing fast and is now learning the loon calls.

These photos are of the loons and their chicks this year. Thanks to Nancy Patstone for the wonderful photos.

Other Wildlife
The eagle is a regular guest at the pond, you can see him soaring overhead and fishing the pond.


Joe saw and two others confirmed a bald eagle over our pond around April 1, 2002. Also hooded merganser ducks. The red wing blackbirds are back so spring is really here!
In the past 12 years our mating pair has had only two successful nestings. Once in 1995 and again in 2000.
In the past, a floating nest was installed, the loons decided not to use it.
With the work being done on the dam, we should be able to regulate the fluctuation in water level on the pond. This may be a contributing factor for the lack of successful nesting by our loons.
If you have information regarding our loons contact us and let us know your findings.











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